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Wall TV Bracket Cantilever Mount Upto 40" - 60" - NBSP2

Wall TV Bracket Cantilever Mount Upto 40" - 60" - NBSP2

NBSP2 Cantilever Corner Mount

  • This full motion cantilever mount can be used anywhere but its "Z" arm design makes it prefect for corner installs
  • It extends from 110mm to 712mm off the wall .
  • Near 180 degrees of motion.
  • As standard, Vesa sizes from 100 to 400 are supported.
  • The included mounting arms can accomodate up to 650mm x 400mm.
  • The optional UL400 adapter plate can be used instead of the arms for Vesa 300 and 400 (if a smaller plate is required).
  • This mount includes hardware for mounting to concrete, solid block, or wooden studs and a selection of screws to fit most TVs.
  • See the attached brochures for installation examples

This mount has the following features

  • Fits most 40"-60" flat panels
  • 180 degrees swing
  • -5/+15 degrees tilt
  • +/- 4 degrees rotation
  • Vesa compliance 
  • Vesa 100, 200, 300, 400, up to 650 x 400.
  • Wall plate is 480mm x 200mm.
  • Maximum weight 68kg
Mount TypeFull - Motion Wall Mount ( Single Arm )
Max Vesa Compatibility (mm)100, 200, 300, 400, up to 650 x 400mm

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