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Wall Monitor Bracket Mount 17”-27” - NB-F120

Wall Monitor Bracket Mount 17”-27” - NB-F120
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Product Description:-

NB-F120 Full Motion TV mount / TV Bracket is designed and cater for current market's LCD, LED flat panel TV screens. Designed with space saver, this wall mount is suitable

for home use and commercial. Its high tensile rigidness, trendy and dynamic looked offered you the best of viewing temptation.


Product Specification:-


Product Category:

Gas Spring Monitor Mount


Polished and Chrome Aluminium

Available Colour:


Fit Screen Size:


VESA Compatible:

75x75, 100x100

Max. VESA:


Weight capacity:


Tilt angle:




Product Features:-

  • Full motion flexibility with all directional effortless adjustment without tools used
  • Durable gas-strut cylinder and conical joints constructed for smooth and stable operation
  • Built with ecological interface to enhance your gaming and viewing experiences
  • Single-extension, compact and retractable design to save space
  • Integrated cable management conceals inside provides clean neat and clutter-free appearance


Mount TypeFull - Motion Wall Mount ( Single Arm )
Max Vesa Compatibility (mm)75x75, 100x100

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  • Model: NB-F120
  • Weight: 3.39
  • SKU: NB-F120
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