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Universal Plasma/LCD Ceiling Mount (Double) For 37" to 50" - AV417-BLK

Universal Plasma/LCD Ceiling Mount (Double) For 37" to 50" - AV417-BLK
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AV417-BLK is a durable ceiling mount for mounting two TVs back
to back widely used in shopping malls with adjustable extension
poles for variable height installation.

• Fast and easy installation
• 360 degrees rotation
• Tilt max 20 degrees on both sides
• Includes mounting hardware kit
• Lock bars for security
• Extendable pole construction
• Cable management

PLASMA SIZE: Suitable for 37” to 50”
GROSS DIMENSION: 770 x 270 x 270 (mm)
GROSS WEIGHT: 21.5kg (47.3 lbs)
DIS TO WALL : 926mm
LENGTH OF HOOK: 559mm (22”)
ADJUSTABLE LENGTH : 1029mm - 1154mm
TILT ANGLE: +20 degree / -5 degree
LOAD CAPACITY: 100kg (220 lbs)
VESA : 75x75 min, max 700x500

Adjustable HeightAdjustable
Mount TypeCeiling Mount
Max Vesa Compatibility (mm)75 x 75mm - 700 x 500mm
Height Adjustability1029mm - 1154mm

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