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Universal Ceiling Projector Mount - PRB-18M

Universal Ceiling Projector Mount - PRB-18M


Support projectors up to 13.5kg/29.7lbs

The PRB-18M is a universal ceiling mount for projectors up to 13.5kg/29.7bs. Tilting ceiling plate for flat and sloping ceiling application. It offers multidirectional positioning with four adjustable support arms that can fit a wide range of mounting holes. The quick release connector allows the projector to be installed quickly and then easily released for maintenance, without re-alignment. The retractable aluminum column provides height adjustment for your different choices. This projector mount is perfect for use in classrooms, boardrooms, hotels, bars and restaurants or anywhere a projector needs to be mounted.

Specification: PROJECTOR MOUNT

By Grade: Economy Series

Material: Aluminum, Steel

Surface Finish: Powder coating

Color: Black, white

Product Size: 110x130x480mm

Installation: Ceiling

Weight Capacity: 13.5kg/29.7lbs

Mounting Range: 54-320mm

Tilt: ±15°

Swivel: ±15°

Rotate: 360

Profile: 545-900mm

Adjustable Length: Yes

Anti-theft: No

Stud Installation: Yes

Cable Management: Yes

Protect steel rope: No

Certification: UL

Height AdjustabilityAdjustable Pole Height

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