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Single Full Motion Desk Mount Bracket 13"-27" - DMC10C12-SVR

Single Full Motion Desk Mount Bracket 13"-27" - DMC10C12-SVR


The DMC10C012-SVR is constructed with solid steel, elegant die casting aluminum and integrated with innovative counterbalance technology. The arm can hold screen up to 9kgs (19.8lbs). Built-in spring tension gauge can be easily adjusted to fit varied weights that arm holds. Advanced VESA plate includes -40° to +90° of fingertip tilt that enable both sit to stand and touch screen applications. The plate also allows 360° landscape to portrait viewing. A hidden cable management integrated in arm easily conceals cables beneath channel covers. A laptop holder is developed together with counterbalance desk mounts for laptop using in workstation. In spite of various features, the mounts require really simple installation.



By Grade:    Premium

Material:    Aluminum, Steel, Plastic

Color:    Black & Silver

Product Size:    160x652x546mm

Installation:    Desk mount

Recommended Screen Size:    13"-27"

Screen Qty:    1

Rated Weight Capacity:    9kg/19.8lbs

VESA Standard:    75x75, 100x100

Tilt:    -40° ~+90°

Swivel:    180°

Rotate:    360°

Arm Extend:    500mm

Height:    320mm

Clamp Thickness:    10mm-90mm

Freely Positioning:    Yes

Cable Management:    Yes

Anti-theft:    No

Max Vesa Compatibility (mm)100x100 mm
VESA Size(mm)75x75mm, 100x100mm
Recommended TV Size(inch)13" - 27"

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