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Portable Aluminum TV Stand ( LED/LCD/Plasma ) Mount upto 60"-100" - TS100-BLK

Portable Aluminum TV Stand ( LED/LCD/Plasma ) Mount upto 60"-100" - TS100-BLK
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Whether you are looking for a large plasma TV stand for your limited living room, or can not find best way to setup your LED, LCD TV or display in meeting room, exhibition room, restaurant, here you will find the best selection. This heavy-duty movable TV cart will greatly improve the look and and mobility of your large TV or smartboard for teaching interactive learning in school or offices.

Designed in highly polished with no sharp edges provide a safe moving display unit and avoid endanger accidents to users. What more of the modular blocks designed make this stand quick and easy to assemble and dismantle.

Upright Distance :  350mm
Shelf Dimension : 506-323mm
Swivel Caster brake wheels
Standard Video Tray
Cable Management System
VESA Compliance up to 1000mm x 600mm
Material : Aluminum Alloy
Weight Capacity : 90kg)
Height Adjustment : 1390-1740mm
Colour: Black
Max Vesa Compatibility (mm)1000x600
Height AdjustabilityAdjustable Bracket Height
VESA Size(mm)600x400, 400x600, 600x400, 800,x400, 800x600, 1000x600
Recommended TV Size(inch)60-100 inch

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  • Model: TS100-BLK
  • Weight: 54.50kg
  • SKU: TS100-BLK