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Portable TV Stand Aluminum Wooden Style Upto ( 37"- 50" ) - TS606AWS-BLK-L1

Portable TV Stand Aluminum Wooden Style Upto ( 37"- 50" ) - TS606AWS-BLK-L1
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Move around your Digital Signage or TV Display anywhere with a modern TV stand design. Or simply use a TV Mounting Brackets. Why mount your LED TV display on the wall like everyone else does, when you can use our stylist TV stands to show it off, and move it wherever you want to watch it? Our TV stand is easy to install and dismantle with flexible viewing angles and study locking devices. Suitable for your home, offices, exhibitions display, conferences or any other public venue. 

Product Specification :-

LED/LCD/PLASMA TV SIZE                  : Suitable for 37"- 50"

VESA COMPATIBILITY                         : 400 x 400, 600x600 (Additional vertical brackets included)

BASE DIMENSION  (W x D x H)            : Overall size 750mm x 490mm

                                                                 2 x 15mm holes, 2 x 10mm holes

MATERIAL                                              : Mild Steel

THICKNESS                                            : 8mm

POST HEIGHT                                        : 1500mm (5ft)

LOAD CAPACITY                                   : 50kg/lbs

ANGLE ADJUSTMENT                           : Fixed

NET WEIGHT (Approx.)                          : 33kg

GROSS WEIGHT(Approx.)                     : 35kg

COLOR OPTION                                     : Black

ColorBlack with Wooden Panel
Max Vesa Compatibility (mm)600x400
Height AdjustabilityAdjustable Bracket Height
ShelvesAdjustable Shelves
Recommended TV Size(inch)32-40 inch

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