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Portable Dual Video Wall TV Stand ( LED/LCD/Plasma ) upto 45"-55" - TS120-SVR

Portable Dual Video Wall TV Stand ( LED/LCD/Plasma ) upto 45"-55" - TS120-SVR
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Description : -

TS120-SVR dual video wall cart with perfect combination and quick-release design to provide elegant presentation solution for most 45"-55" LED, LCD flat panel TVs up to 40kgs/88lbs.each bracket. TV bracket allows effortless height adjustment of max. height of 1720mm for optimal viewing and smooth lateral shift fit different TV sizes ensure perfect display. Effortless micro-adjustments for seamless display alignment and level. Connect plates included allow customize your installation for multi-screen combination solution. 4” shock-absorbing wheels support the equipment weight while allowing for swift maneuverability and smooth, quiet positioning. Integrated cable clips keep cables organized.

Features : -

  • Aluminum construction provides a sleek and elegant look
  • Height adjustable TV mount
  • Lateral shift brackets enable fast alignment
  • Cable management keeps everything organized
  • 4" shock-absorbing castors


Specification :-

Surface Finish:Powder Coating,Oxidized
Column Size:Total Height:1720mm (Total Height:67.7")
Dimension:835x700x1720mm (32.9"x27.6"x67.7")
Suggested Screen Size:45"-55"
VESA:200x200, 400x200, 300x300, 400x400, 600x400
Rated Load (Screen):60kg each (132lbs each)
Screen Qty:2
Adjustable TV Height:Yes
Cable Management:Yes
User Manual:Yes



Max Vesa Compatibility (mm)600x400
Height AdjustabilityAdjustable Bracket Height
VESA Size(mm)200x200, 300x200, 300x300, 400x200, 400x300, 400x400, 600x400, 600x200, 600x300, 300x400, 400x600, 200x400, 200x300
Recommended TV Size(inch)42-55 inch

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