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Lightweight & Portable TV Stand with Foldable Tripod Legs for 32” - 42” TV : TS105-BLK

Lightweight & Portable TV Stand with Foldable Tripod Legs for 32” - 42” TV : TS105-BLK

Extremely easy setup and light weight suitable for exhibition and roadshow. Height is also easily adjustable upto 6ft. It can handle upto 25kg, which usually support 35-42 inch modern flatscreen LED/LCD TV.  With all these features, it's still very stable and durable metal tripod can be dolds away for storage. Flexible side angle with swivel or rotate 360 degree or desired angle without moving the base. Carrying bag will be available in the near future.

LED/LCD/PLASMA TV SIZE:  Suitable for 32” - 42”
BASE DIMENSION  (W x D x H):  Adjustable.
MAXIMUM HEIGHT:  2000mm (78")
MINIMUM HEIGHT:  1350mm (53")
NET WEIGHT (Approx.):  10kg
GROSS WEIGHT(Approx.):  12kg
COLOR OPTION :  Black Only


:  360 degree without moving tripod base.

 Carrying bag not included.*

Max Vesa Compatibility (mm)400x400
Height AdjustabilityAdjustable Pole Height
VESA Size(mm)100x100, 200x200, 400x400, 400x200
Recommended TV Size(inch)32-40 inch

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