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Articulating Flat Panel TV Bracket 10" - 24" - WLB061

Articulating Flat Panel TV Bracket 10" - 24" - WLB061
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Product Description:-

This Low-Profile Tilting TV Wall Mount attaches nearly flush to the wall to maximize the sleek, thinness of LED TVs which make TVs like a picture hanging on the wall. It can hold a TV with flat screen

between 10" and 24" with max 100*100 and max.33lbs loading capacity.

Product Specifications:-

Product Category:

Tilted TV Wall Mount



Available Colour:


Fit Screen Size:


Max. VESA:


Distance to wall:



2~ +12 Degree

Weight Capacity:

15kg (33lbs)


Product Features:-

·Angle Free Tilt Function

Provides effortless adjustment of viewing angle without tightening the knob.


·Safety Lock

Built-in safety lock keeps your flat panel TV safe and stable


·Easy Installation

Separate wall plate and easy installing by sliding

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