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Angle free Tilt TV Bracket Mount 26"- 42" - PSW501ST

Angle free Tilt TV Bracket Mount 26"- 42" - PSW501ST

Product Description:-

This Low-Profile Tilting TV Wall Mount attaches nearly flush to the wall to maximize the sleek, thinness of LED TVs which make TVs like a picture hanging on the wall. It can hold a TV with flat screen

between 26" and 42" with max 500*400 and max.110lbs loading capacity.

Product Specifications:-

Product Category:

Tilted TV Wall Mount



Available Colour:


Fit Screen Size:




Max. VESA:


Distance to wall:



5~ +15 Degree

Weight Capacity:

50kg (110lbs)


Product Features:-

·Angle Free Tilt Function

By self-locking mechanical construction, it provides effortless adjustment of viewing angle without tightening the knob.


·Integrated Bubble Level

Perfect positioning is guaranteed by integrated bubble level.


·Safety Lock

Built-in Safety lock keeps your flat panel TV safe and stable


·Decorative End Caps

Stylish and durable caps provide elegant and solid look for mounted flat panel TVs.


·Universal Hole Pattern

Random hole pattern and side-to-side adjustment allow mount to fit nearly all flat-panel TVs




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