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Universal Wall & Ceiling Projector Bracket - PRB-2G WHT

Universal Wall & Ceiling Projector Bracket - PRB-2G WHT

The PRB-2 is a solid steel ceiling brackets for most projectors up to 20kgs/44Ibs. It offers flexible projector positioning with four adjustable support arms that can fit a wide range of mounting holes. The quick release connector allows the projector to be installed quickly and then easily released for maintenance, without re-alignment. The adjustable height can meet different needs.

15° tilting allows maximum viewing ability
Adjustable length for your different choices

By Rank:    Economy
Main Material:    Steel
Available Color:    Silver
Product Size:    237x203x650
Application:    Ceiling Mount
Weight Capacity:    20kg/44lbs
Mounting Range:    225~316mm
Tilt:    -15°~+15°
Swivel:    -8°~+8°
Profile:    430-650mm
Adjustable Length:    Yes
Anti-theft:    No
Stud Installation:    No
Cable Management:    Yes
Protect steel rope:    No

Height AdjustabilityAdjustable Pole Height

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