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Projector Ceiling Mount - AV815A-BLK

Projector Ceiling Mount - AV815A-BLK

Descriptions :-

The AV815 Ultimate Universal LCD projector mount is designed for top professional installers who what the most cost effective mounting solution for their projector installation. Designed to fit almost any popular projector under 15kgs (33 lbs), the AV815 comes preassembled for quick and easy installation at any location. The new design allows cable management, providing a clean and uncluttered look.

Features :- 

·         Fast and easy installation

·         Ceiling-mount capability

·         Adjustable Height

·         Extremely flexible design allow to fit almost all popular Projectors

·         Quick release universal mount on Projector

·         60 degrees Rotate for Projector

·         +/- 20 degrees Tilt and Roll for Projector

·         Pitching upwards and downward up to 20 degrees

·         Cable-routing channel for a clean look

·         Cable management

·         Adaptable to different projectors

Technical Specification:-

GROSS WEIGHT               : 2.7kg (6 lbs)

GROSS DIMENSION        : (420 x 200 x 120)mm | (16.5” x 8” x 5”)

LEXTENDABLE LENGTH  : (900)mmØ38mm & Ø42mm

WITH OPTIONAL ROD                    

LOAD CAPACITY                : 15kg (33 lbs)

COLOR OPTION                : Black 

Diagram :-

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  • Stock: Pre-Order
  • Model: AV815A-BLK
  • Weight: 2.70
  • Dimensions: 420.00 x 200.00 x 120.00
  • SKU: AV815A-BLK