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Full Motion LED/LCD TV Bracket Mount Upto 14" - 32" - WLB342

Full Motion LED/LCD TV Bracket Mount Upto 14" - 32" - WLB342

Description :-

Model WLB342 is a full motion wall mount for 14''-32'' LCD/PDP TVs, up to 15kg. It allows maximum flexibility-extend , tilt, swivel ,providing easy viewing from any seat in a room.

Specification :-

Tv size:14"-32"
Distance to the wall:78-190mm
Weight capacity:15kg
Tilt angle:-5°- 15°
Swivel angle:180°
Product dimension:
Package Specs
Gift box:247*70*247mm
Export carton:515*230*515mm
Gross/net weight:1.2/1.04kg


Mount TypeFull - Motion Wall Mount ( Single Arm )
Max Vesa Compatibility (mm)200 x 200mm

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