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Flexible Spring Loading Arm Stand For Screen 17" To 32"- DS902-BLK

Flexible Spring Loading Arm Stand For Screen 17" To 32"- DS902-BLK

Full motions flexibility with all directional effortless adjustment without tools used. Durable gas-strut cylinder and conical joints constructed for smooth and stable operation. Ecological design concept relax your life. Integrated cable management conceals inside provide clean, neat and clutter-free appearance. Compact and retractable design increase your work space.

  • Gas-strut Desktop FlexiMount can clamp on or slot in table
  • Fits most 17″ to 32″ x 2 displays
  • Support load -from 2-9 KG per arm
  • VESA compliant 75×75, 100×100 mm Upright lift distance 303 mm)
  • Rotation 360° Swivel 180°+ Tilt angle +35° to -50 degree


Height AdjustabilityYes
VESA Size(mm)75×75, 100×100 mm

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  • Model: DS902-BLK
  • Weight: 10.00kg
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