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Curved Horizontal Quad Monitor Desk Mount for 13''-27'' - DMC08C04-BLK

Curved Horizontal Quad Monitor Desk Mount for 13''-27'' - DMC08C04-BLK

This sleek monitor desk mount raises four displays off the desk surface, thus saving workspace and creating a productive display configuration to increase productivity. It is designed to mount two 13"-27" monitors in horizontal line and the weight capability for each one is 8kg/17.6Ibs. It can rotate for 360°, which allows portrait and landscape viewing. It also allows smooth, effortless tilt motion for any direction, making it easy to reduce glare and find the perfect viewing angle. You can also adjust the monitor vertically to a desired position. It's quick and simple that allows the user to move the displays freely along the horizontal rail without using any tools. Cable clip is included for organizing cables.

Curved Horizontal Rail: for improved viewing position
360° Rotary VESA Plate: for more viewing experience
Cable Management: elegantly hides any cables that are attached to displays
Two Mounting Options: both desk clamp and grommet are included

Product Category:Articulating Monitor Arm
Surface Finish:Powder Coating
Color:Matte Black
Dimensions:805X205X900mm (31.7"X8.1"X35.4")
Fit Screen Size:13"-27"
Screen Quantity:4
Weight Capacity (per screen):8kg (17.6lbs)
VESA Compatible:75x75,100x100

Tilt Range:+45°~-45°
Swivel Range:+15°~-15°
Screen Rotation:+180°~-180°
Pole Height:800mm (31.5")
Suggested Desktop Thickness:Clamp:10~88mm Grommet:10~80mm (Clamp:0.39"~3.5" Grommet:0.39"~3.1")
Quick Release VESA Plate:No
Cable Management:Yes
Accessory Kit Package:Normal/Ziplock Polybag

Max Vesa Compatibility (mm)100x100
Height AdjustabilityAdjustable Bracket Height
VESA Size(mm)75x75, 100x100
Recommended TV Size(inch)13" - 27"

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