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Flat Panel TV Ceiling Mount for 32" - 65" - NBT560-15

Flat Panel TV Ceiling Mount for 32" - 65" - NBT560-15

  • With our nice looking and high-quality surface powder coating finished
  • Advanced technology design make veiwing angle easy and convenient. 
  • Neat and tidy cable management design make your cable connections easy and trouble free as the poles conceal all wires and cables inside .
  • The  Heavy gauge steel construction provides our loading capacity up to 150lbs ( 68.2kg )
  • The mount height adjustable from 28.5”(725mm) to 59.3”(1505mm).
  • Universal ceiling Tv Mount - NBT560-15
  • Fits most 32-65'' Flat Panel LED , LCD TV
  • Tilt: -5°~ +15°
  • Roll: -30°~+30°
  • Load capacity : 150lbs(68.2 kg)
  • Material : SPCC
  • Surface treatment: Powder painting coating finished.
  • Color: Black

  • 87.5 x 25.5 x 11.0cm
  • Net weight :     11.07 lbs (5.02 kg)
  • Gross weight : 12.61 lbs (5.72kg)

Adjustable HeightAdjustable
Mount TypeCeiling Mount
Max Vesa Compatibility (mm)600x400
Height Adjustability725mm - 1505mm

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  • Model: NBT560-15
  • Weight: 5.72
  • SKU: NBT560-15