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LCD Advertising Display Stand Metal Enclosure - TCH101-BLK

LCD Advertising Display Stand Metal Enclosure - TCH101-BLK
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LCD Advertising Display Standee. It is full metal enclosure with epoxy poer coating. You may upgrade to 50", 55" or 60" or industrial wheel castor with an additional charges. LCD digital advertising can used simply by using USB to update advertising content, this is suitable for customer who want a simplicity but very attractive presentation. It plays MPEG4/AVI video, JPG, MP3 in a continous loop, so you can put together an advertising videos so it plays throughout the day continuously.

In addition, we also provide a solution if you wish to implement networked-based Digital Signage system for multiple displays which allow better management and control of your advertising display throught LAN or WAN enviroonment. Learn more about implementing digital signage system from our parent company,

***Price Not included TV Display

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