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Vesa Compability

So you purchased a TV, and looking for a bracket or TV stand.
Now, you are wondering if the mount/bracket will fit your TV? offers an wide range of high quality LCD, plasma, and LED TV brackets and TV stand suitable for just about any TV. However, different TV size may fit certain mount or TV stand. This buyer's guide is intended to provide information and technical specifications to help our valued customers make an informed decision in order to purchase a mount that they will enjoy thoroughly and be completely satisfied with.

VESA compliance, weight, and mount compatibility:
The first steps in selecting a mount are to determine the "VESA mounting pattern" and the weight of your display. Supported screen sizes in our descriptions for certain TV stand or bracket are provided as a guide only. It could be suitable for larger size TV if the weight is within the range. Not all models of televisions will fall within guidelines. We judge compatibility with our mounts by the weight and the VESA of the TV, and check with those supported by our mounts capabilities, as listed in the specifications tab of the mount. The VESA mounting pattern refers to the distance between the mounting holes on the back of your display.

vesa mount compatibility

These dimensions are not always the same for specific size of television. You can find it in the manual, on the manufacturer’s site, or simple measure the mounting holes on the TV. If you don't have the manual available or the manual doesn't list the VESA specifications, the best method is to use a tape measure to determine the distance between the mounting holes; horizontally (left to right), and vertically (top to bottom). The VESA pattern is determined in millimeters; the most common mounting patterns are as follows:

VESA 50: 2" vesa
VESA 75: 3"
VESA 100: 4"
VESA 200: 8"
VESA 400: 16"
VESA 800: 32"

Example: If you're measured the distance between the mounting holes and they are approximately 16" apart horizontally and approximately 8" apart vertically, that would equate to a VESA 400x200 mounting pattern. Under the specifications tab on the product page of our mounts the maximum supported VESA pattern and maximum weight capacity are listed. If you’re mounting pattern is lower than the maximum supported range and the weight is less than the maximum capacity, in most cases your display is compatible.

Most Samsung, Sony, and Vizio displays use standard VESA 200x200, 300x300, or 400x400 mounting patterns and are generally light weight which makes them compatible with most of our mounts. However, even if you're confident that the mount you've chosen will fit your display, we always highly recommend confirming the mounting pattern and weight in order to avoid purchasing a mount that's not compatible. Our bracket is not fixed, so it is moveable, depending on your size. We supply different size and length of screw, so it should fit in most situation. In case they are not, you can simply go to nearest hardware store and get one. We do not only ship screws for a particular customer. 

What is VESA?

VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association) is a professional organization made up of a group of video electronics industry professionals, their purpose is to review proposals and develop standards to promote uniformity in the video electronics industry. Established in 1989, VESA works to develop industry-wide interface standards for a large variety of products including Flat Panel TVs and monitors.