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Full Motion LED TV Bracket Mount Upto 32" - 65" - PSW792MAT

Full Motion LED TV Bracket Mount Upto 32" - 65" - PSW792MAT

Product Description

Super low profile design saves the room space and makes your TV looks like a picture hanging on the wall
Buit in automatic spring locking system offer easy way to lock and release the TV
The cable management system gathers and routes your cable neatly.
Smart swatooth design avoids TV sliding
Six Solid arms & durable powder coated finish insured strong performance

Super Slim, only 2" to the wall
Spring self locking system
Integrated cable management guides wires
Angle free tilting, a light touch could make it stop
Wall plate with 4 mm thick cold-roll steel

Product Details

Basic Info.

Model NO.:PSW792MAT
Model No.:Psw792mat
Vesa Size:600X400
Load Capacity:50kg
Distance to The Wall:55-450mm
TV Size:32"-65"
Export Markets:Global
Mount TypeFull - Motion Wall Mount ( Double Arm )
Max Vesa Compatibility (mm)600 x 400mm

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