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Full-Motion Cantilever TV Wall Mount UpTo 32" - 55" - NB-P5

Full-Motion Cantilever TV Wall Mount UpTo 32" - 55" - NB-P5

Our NB SP500 cantilever mount was very popular design which made the consumers could install their TV by themselves in fast time. The dual arms design made the model looked much stronger and stable. With our nice looking and high-quality surface powder coating finished, the consumers could easily hung up their universal LCD, LED display onto the wall plate for quick installation. The wall plate cover and cable hidden system looked more luxury and nice, also made the TV cable behind your TV neatly. With this full-motion mount, you can be easy to fix, tilt, extend, fold and rotate your TV and any viewing angle whatever you wanted.

This low profile design made your ultrathin flat panel TV much closer to the wall, only 42mm(1.7”) distance from the wall. Easy and quick installation and disassemble made your families feel more convenient to move out your TV to different position. With our excellent design, The model has very highly competition in the market.

Advance technologies design make viewing angle easy and convenient. Neat and tidy cable management designed make your cables connection easy and free trouble. Our standard Accessories enable you to extend VESA mounting holes to 400*400mm. The arm can extend to 452mm maximum.

This full motion articulating cantilever wall mount is designed for the market's current LED and LCD flat panel display screens. It's high tensile rigidness, trendy and dynamic look offers you the best for your viewing temptations. Eco-friendly and space saving design uses less metal than other designs. The viewing angles can be adjusted freely.

- VESA compliance 400x400mm (Max) for most LCD, LED, and Plasma TVs from 32-55" and upto 80lbs

- Ultra-Slim Full Motion Articulating wall mount extends from 1.7" to 17.8" from the wall

- Free hanging and stop and any up/down Tilt Angle between -5 and +8 degrees

Swivel 100-140 degrees

- Screen Leveling adjustments 

Mount TypeFull - Motion Wall Mount ( Double Arm )
Max Vesa Compatibility (mm)400 x 400mm

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  • Model: NB-P5
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