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Adjustable Tripod Computer Laptop/Notebook Stand NBS01-BLK

Adjustable Tripod Computer Laptop/Notebook Stand NBS01-BLK
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Description :

Adjustable Laptop Stand is a height adjustable tripod stand designed for musicians, DJs, and computer based performances. If you're a DJ or musician on the move this stands for you. The height is easily adjustable between 27.95" to 47.63" (710 to 1,210mm) and the laptop and mouse rest-plates are easily attachable. The 12150 Laptop Stand is perfect for laptop musicians and DJs that require a reliable, sturdy and easily constructed laptop stand on stage. If you need a computer stand look no further drop this one in your cart today.

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  • Model: NBS01-BLK
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  • SKU: NBS01-BLK