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Standard Floor-to-Ceiling or Floor-to-Wall TV Mount Kits - FC01A-NA

Standard Floor-to-Ceiling or Floor-to-Wall TV Mount Kits - FC01A-NA
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FC-01A Kit is a stylist standard single aluminium post, a natural anodized aluminum finish with a Universal Display Adaptor. It includes all of the components required to mount a single 42- 63" flat panel display either between the floor and ceiling or floor to wall. You also have 2 options between 8ft or 10 feet post. The Universal Display Adaptor provided can be setup for potrait or landscape mode depending on your TV capability.

Pre-assembled Kit includes: - 8" or 10" post, top and bottom mounting cap, wall mounting bracket or ceiling mounting bracket (depending on which one you purchased) and grip plate CW screw and washer. The Universal Display Adaptor can be securely mounted on the single pole to hold 42" to 63" TV displays with VESA® mounting patterns VESA compliance 200x400/ 400x400/ 400x600/ 400x800/ 500x800mm weight capacity upto 45kg. Tilted feature is no possible with this model. Choose FC-01B for tilted feature.

Max Vesa Compatibility (mm)600x400
Height AdjustabilityAdjustable Bracket Height
VESA Size(mm)200x400, 400x400, 400x600, 400x800, 500x800

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