Pros and Cons of TV Stand

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Nowadays, there are thousands of flat panel TV models such as LCD, Plasma, LED TV that is available to use. When we buy a tv, we must have a space to place the tv whether using a TV stand or wall-mounting. So, for this article, we will share a few pros and cons of TV stand that will help you make a decision to buy a TV stand.



First of all, TVs that placed on traditional stands may appear bulkier and less streamlined, but in reality, it will offer more storage space and practical value. This is because when you using a TV stand, you will have a place to put the video game system, DVD player and even the base for a surround-sound system while concealing the ugly cords, cables and other unsightly but necessary components.


Using TV stand, you can make it as a focal point of your game room or living room because TV stand can act as storage for movies, books, games, board games and other entertainment. TV stand can also make your place look more tidy and trendy.


However, TV stand is a bit disadvantage for a room that has a small space because it will take more space to place the TV stand compare to a big room. Sometimes, TV stand offers the possibility of accidentally knocking your TV over, causing damage to the tv at best and to yourself or someone else at worst. But, don't worry. As an owner of a small room, you can still use a TV stand to place your tv. You just need a little creativity to place and decorate your room using TV stand.


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