Pros and Cons of TV Mount

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These days, many tv models were produced as a medium to transmit moving images in black and white or color such as LCD, Plasma and LED TV. When buying a tv, we must have a space to place the tv whether using a TV stand or wall-mounting. So, for this article, we will share a few pros and cons of TV mount that will help you make a decision to buy a TV mount.



With the advent of flat screen TVs, the practice of wall-mounting has become more and more popular because wall-mounted television takes up no floor space and it doesn't require any kind of entertainment center or TV stand. Also, the airspace taken up is negligible as well because it won't stick very far out from your wall.


Moreover, when you installed a wall-mounted television, your living room will be granted a level of class and sophistication. For those apartment owners with rambunctious children or powerful pets won't have to worry about any injuries from falling electronics caused by a bumped TV stand.


However, for those with apartments near railway or subway lines, be warned and think wisely before install a TV mount because a constantly vibrating wall can cause the gradual decay and eventual failure of a wall-mounted TV setup that will result in a damaging fall. Plus, the audio/visual cables between devices for DVD-player or video game system will be expose that will make the place look messy.


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