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You would like to become our Multi-level Affiliate Marketer or Marketing Agent?

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You can register as an affiliate marketer FREE. Just create an account and at the bottom of the form, don't forget to check " Also I would like to open an Affiliate account" where you need to provide a Bank account information for payment of commission. Once registered, you are automatically approved and you can get your Affiliate Tracking Code immediately and you can start selling our Portable TV stands or TV brackets. Do you know, also offer LED TV rental with stand? Check it out ! Are you a teacher and interested to explore 21st century smart classroom for an interactive learning, contact us.

If you own a Website or blog :
Write a blog post or content on your website with a link to our website using your Affiliate Tracking Code. You can also create a banner or use our logo with your embedded Affiliate Tracking Code. If your visitor clicked on on that link you provided, and purchase any item from our website, you will get a 4% comission (not including shipping). Even if the visitor purchase more item in the future, as long as they did not clear "browser cache", our system will track the your leads and you will still gain the commission.

Furthermore, if that visitor decided to become an Affiliate Marketer too, they will be your downline, You will still get 1% commission from his/her customer's purchase.

Interestingly, if his/her customer also decided to become an Affiliate Marketer too, they will become your direct client's downline, thus become your downline too. You will earn 0.5% from their client's sales. There are only 3 level affiliate. You will not receive anything if further purchase is made on the downline.

how affiliate marketing works

If you don't have any website. 
It's the same concept. Register in our website, and get your Affiliate Tracking Code. You can then email the link with your embedded Affiliate Tracking Code to friends or post on your Facebook's wall (of friends), Google+ or Twitter. The commission you will receive is the same as the above scenario. You could also purchase the item on client's behalf, by pasting your embedded Affiliate Tracking Code on a fresh clean browser, and then make online purchase using your account.

How can I participate ?
Simply go to and click on Create An Account.The menu is located on the top right corner.

How do I get paid ?
After TV Stand Malaysia has validated the sale (within 30 days), the commission is paid to the Affiliate marketer within 30 days. That means, you will receive the comission paid to your designated bank account within 60 days from the date of purchase. We will pay monthly, via bank transfer to the account you provided in the registration.

Please contact us for any questions.
We are available for questions regarding the Multi-level Affiliate Marketer or Marketing Agent Program. If you have your own ideas or suggestions on how to effectively promote our program, we would love to hear. Please contact us: